パソコン危機! / PC Crisis


  My PC broke down a while ago. Now I'm using my cheap extra PC, which even can't take in pictures. So, I haven't been writing my blog for a while. Maybe soon - - - I hope !


八月 / August 2012



A policeman who opposes reopening of nuke plants among other guarding policemen

My August has been occupied with so many issues that would decide the future or the destiny of Japan. I have been collecting much information through Twitter, signing so many petitions, making phone calls asking for more information or trying to make people or organizations cooperate in our cause - - - dismantling all of the nuclear power plants in Japan, stopping signing
 TPP and ACTA, and many more.
On every Friday evening we gather in front of the prefectural governmental office to demand the dismantle of the Shimane Nuclear Power Plant, the movements which started in front of the prime minister's official residence in Tokyo and have been spreading every corner of Japan. Here's ours in Matsue.  


松江夏踊りの日 / The Day of Matsue Dance Festival




Matsue City held "the Summer Dance Festival" on August 25. As I didn't like so much noise from this event, I escaped it and enjoyed quiet time appreciating the folk arts and reading a book at the museum.
On the way to and from the museum. I got a glimpse of the dance festival. In the evening at the museum, I glanced out the outside and enjoyed the beautiful sunset.
Thus one day of my summer went on. Oh, by the way, the dancer the second from the left in the  front row on the YouTube is our mayor, Mr. Matsuura. Good dancer !


花火 / Fireworks


Japan's summers can't be passed without enjoying beautiful art of fireworks. They are moment's extravagance, but that's why they are precious to us Japanese. Life of flowers is short, so as Japanese art.    


さようなら原発10万人集会 / Good-bye Nuke Gathering



田植え / Futuristic Farming


A very pastoral scenery - - - rice farmers in Fukushima 
are now planting rice seedlings praying for a good harvest 
this year. Then who are going to eat the rice growing on 
the paddy fields with so high level of radioactive fallout 
from the nuke disasters. Even the farmers are fully 
outfitted against radiation. 
Japanese government, stop fooling around !!! Just 
directly help farmers to move to the clean earth 
and start new lives with hope and future. 
This picture is too sarcastic and cruel. 


瓦礫拡散反対・北九州市 / Stop Spreading Debris with Nukes



★Please click the blank above, and you can see the picture.


In Japan strange, well I would say crazy, things are going on: spreading the debris of the tsunami contaminated by the radioactive fallout from Fukushima. Real crazy. In a common sense, those things should be concealed in the place where they are.
Now we have to lay our lives to stop it. They are lying under the truck carrying the debris to stop it from entering the incinerate site.  






5月22日午前、静岡県政記者クラブにおいて、静岡県島田市伊太小学校730bq/kg,大津小学校1970bq/kg の汚染が発表さた。静岡県島田市は試験焼却前は10bq/kg程度の汚染地域。


タケノコ / Bamboo Shoot

正直、今まで皮ごとタケノコを料理したことのない私でしたが、ネットで検索。見事にタケノコの茹であがり。さて、その次は?そっと薄いタケノコの一皮を口にしたら、お い し い !そこで下の写真のように、塩とオリーブ油でタケノコそのままの滋味を。来年も西日本では、タケノコが食べれることを祈りつつ。

We Japanese feel the spring is in its high point tasting the varieties of bamboo shoot dishes. And now it is it ! However, bamboo shoots are now forbidden delicacy in the east side of Japan because of high level of radioactive fallout from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants disaster.
Only those who live in the west side have privilege of enjoy bamboo shoots fresh from bamboo forests. I got one here, and it was my first time to cook the whole bamboo shoot with skins. I managed to boil it and ate with salt and olive oil. It was so delicious, woo ! I hope we'll still have that joy of season next tear.


祝・全原発稼働停止! / No Nukes at Work in Japan !

5月5日、子供の日!子供たちへの最高のプレゼント!北海道の泊原発が定期検査に入り稼働停止。これで日本で稼働している原発が0基になります。このまま永遠に原発 を停止、そしてすべてを廃炉に!それしか、日本と、そしてこれから日本を担っていく子供たの未来はありません。

Today is a monumental day for Japan's future. The last nuclear power plant still at work in Japan is going to be stopped for the regular safety checkup. From tomorrow on we will live without any nuclear power plants.
The greedy folks who treasure money over our lives are now working hard to reatart them, but we won't let them do that. We will fight to dismantle all of them and keep the earth safe for our future. Today happens to be the Children's Day. Great gift for the children not only in Japan but all over the world. God bless children !    


日本 / Japan

まず、上の写真を見いほしい。これが何か?この桜の木はほとんど病に侵され、薬とコンクリートに支えられかろうじて立っている。そして、けなげにもやっとの思いで美しい花を咲かせている。いつまで持つのだろう?まるで、あの骨組だけで支えられている、 福島第一の4号機のようだ。
「めでたさも 恐怖に感ず わが世の春」・・・あ~、いったい日本はどうなるんだっ!


東日本大震災 / 3.11

東日本大震災・津波 の脅威に身を震わせながら見詰め続けた2011年3月11日。
それぞれの人が今日という日を様々に捉え、様々に過ごしました。脱原発集会に参加した人々。家のテレビで多くの1周年記念番組を見て過ごした人々。何もなく普通の日曜日を送った人々。私は今日は鎮魂の日と捉え、静かに沈黙の1日を過ごしました。くしくも大震災の直前に宮城県でロケが行われた「エクレール お菓子放浪記」の上映会にだけはいきました。下の写真が、震災前の北上川河口のヨシ原をバックに川舟に乗る、少年と彼の新しい養母。この美しいヨシ原の光景も、今では津波にのまれ存在しません。
2012 3.11 脱原発集会

One year has passed since the day of Fukushima 3.11.  First of all, I pray for those who lost their precious lives in that great calamity of earthquakes and tsunamis. RIP. I also pray for those whose lives are destroyed and messed up by those nuclear disasters.
However, in the past one year we Japanese have gone through and seen so many blunders and greed by Japanese government and big power machine, and we will sure see more coming.
The first picture is something still here, and the second one gone swallowed by the tsunami. Natural disasters have been here all through Japan's history, but we somehow bounced back and started new lives. However, this time, we are very pessimistic, radioactive fallout has contaminated almost half of Japan, the east side except Hokkaido. Surprisingly the government started to spread those contaminated wrecks all over Japan in the name of PATRIOTISM,  sharing the sufferings is a duty of Japanese citizen. Sufferings - - endangering our health, especially children's, just for letting big industry make huge money out of this national tragedy. 
The worst part to me is that majority of Japanese have swallowed that lie and cheered for accepting the radioactive wrecks and burning them. Burning !!! How high level of radioactive smokes and ashes will be produced by that act ? 
The fist picture is still here, but will be soon gone, with our future. GOOD BYE JAPAN.


夕陽 / Sunset


Matsue is very famous for its beautiful sunset falling down into Lake Shinji. However, its beauty has beeen recently blured by smog and yellow sand blowing in from China. But I grabed the right moment, after a long spell of rains and snows, which washed away those hazards, and was fasinated by the crimson world. I wish all the tourists visiting Matsue could experience this wonder of nature.
By the way, on this rare sunny day 1300 people from all over Japan held a gathering and paraded the city to demand the dismantle of the Shimane Nuclear Power Plants. It's really scary to live only 8km (5miles) away from nukes. I had a guest on this day, so I just attended the gathering and joined them from the cruising moat boat. If you are anti-nuke-power-plants-on-the-earthquake-country, please sign the petition here.


雪 / Snow


Last year we had a bunch of snow in January. Then came a rather warm February, with ocasional sun shines. However, this year, we are stil having snowy days on and off in between rains and clouds. But I try to take a positive attitude. Look at this beautiful snow-clad castle walls and rooves. Even a cat came out from his cave-home in those stone walls to appreciate the snow. Mow!




 I started out tweeting in Japanese on Twitter about two months ago. At the beginning, I just picked up whoever had Twitter mark randomly, including Yu Darubish, a young baseball player. Then I picked up a famous anti-nuke actor, Tarou Yamamoto. That was the beginning.
 He has great numbers of followers, and he re-tweets so many tweets on anti nuclear electric power plants(NEPPs). As I live only 8km(about 5 miles) away from NEPPs, which I learned only after Fukushima 3.11, dismantling of those NEPPs is a matter of life-or-death. Then I have been just hooked up with Twitter, constantly checking out other's tweets and tweeting my owns. Kind of obsession.
 Now I am following 14 people including Dalai Lama, to whom I once send a message with no reply of course, and have around 30 followers. I'm now pretty relaxed and have started coming back to my normal life including writing this blog.
 Oh, no, it's time to check my Twitter - - - he, he, he !!!  


辰年 / Dragon Year


This is the Year of the Dragon in Chinese astrology. Then appeared a dashing dragon carried by the men born in the Dragon Year. I hope this valiant dragon is scaring away the bad luck falling down in Japan last year. Good Luck for 2012 !!!


謹賀新年 / Happy New Year!


A Happy New Year !
We had so many things going on around Japan last year, and still we have no clear future in sight. I just pray for a better world this year with this quiet small flowers. Good luck for you all, too!